Roller Stamps

Roll Marking is suitable for high output continuous processes by powered machines. Rolling an inscription onto a blank lessens the striking as on part of the inscription is in contact.

Pressing methods are not as successful as roll marking. There is no distortion by the roll marking system.

This includes bottle tops, biscuit tins, sweet tins and other items

Dies can be manufactured to suit numerous applications:

  • Cable Marking
  • Tube Marking
  • Bar Marking

Required information to meet your needs:

  • State whether raised or sunken inscription
  • Dimensions and Size are required
  • Material to be used and depth indentation required


  • Your specification inscriptions
  • Only high-grade hardened steel is used providing durability and long life
  • In house heat treatment provides good control of dimensions and hardness
  • Accurate and complex designs can be achieved with the CNC engraving

Support services:

  • Modification and production on artwork for your approval
  • All inscription designs are recorded for branding history
  • Confidentiality and security of brand launches
  • Rod length changes are observed

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