Coining Dies

The blank is squeezed at high pressure between two dies which forces the material to flow into the die cavity. Forming a raised relief on both sides of the blank. Considerable pressure is required to produce the relief when coining.

Used in the production of:

  • Tokens and coins
  • Medals and/or badges

Specific information is required for your needs:

  • Blank Dimensions
  • Drawing or sample of the article required to be coined
  • Whether one or double-sided designs are to be coined
  • Metallurgical properties of the material used
  • In house heat treatment provides good control of dimensions and hardness
  • Inscriptions to your requirements

Support services:

  • Maintenance of a database to record your inscription design history
  • Artwork modification and production for your approval
  • Helpful and experienced staff, ready to advise on all technical issues relating to coining
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