Cigarette Dies

These dies are for ‘in line’ printing of brand inscriptions and codes onto cigarette papers during cigarette manufacture. Pagliari manufacture dies with 2, 4 or 8 inscription sets.

The number of inscriptions on the die depends upon the machine being used.

First and second colour dies, enabling multi-colour build-up of the cigarette paper inscriptions, can be manufactured.

Dies can be manufactured to suit most types of cigarette machines:

  • Molins (Mk8, Mk9, Mk9N/PA8, Mk8D)
  • Sigma
  • GD (all types)
  • Decoufle (Lof/Log and Log A 3D)
  • Hauni (Garant 4, Protos 100, 6000, 7200, 8000 and 70/90)
  • Sasib

Information required to meet your specifications:

  • Distance between prints
  • Inscription and/or code design
  • Number of sets of inscription per die
  • Type and model of machine fitted to, or blank drawing
  • The rod length/tiring of the cigarette/tabacco


  • In house heat treatment provides dimensional stability for an industry where accuracy is paramount
  • Underlap and Overlap codes and designs
  • Inscriptions to your specification
  • The highest quality materials used
  • Material options are available to suit the abrasiveness of certain printing inks

Support services:

  • Production and artwork modification for your approval
  • Maintenance of a database to record your branding history
  • Confidentiality to protect security of brand launches.
  • Production of artwork, die design cards/packages, electronic image representation

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