The Black Rod of The Parliament of The Republic of South Africa

In 2005 the Pagliari Group was commissioned to manufacture the Black Rod of the South African Parliament

The Mace has become the foundation and benchmark of quality which remains in the company and for which the Pagliari Group and its subsidiary companies are world renowned.

The national coat of arms appears twice around the top of the shaft of the Rod. It is engraved in 999 pure silver and finished in virtreous enammeling.

Application of virtreous enamelling on one of the symbols of the 9 provinces of South Africa, which is placed on the drum base of the Black Rod.

The top half of the shaft of the Black Rod. From top to bottom are the national crest, gold strips, one of six solid 18 carat gold rings and the clasping hands

The complete protea appearing at the top of the Black Rod, along with the supporting disk (ebony gold), supporting struts (18 carat gold) and beadwork in the national colours of South Africa

3D hand engraving procedure of the clasping hands.

The turning and shaping process of the drum base of the Black Rod, on the lathe

The inner core is hand-made of 999 pure silver, finished in silver oxidising. The outer leaves are hande-made in solid 18 carat gold.

Application of the oxidising process on the silver band that is placed around the drum base of the Rod.

The drum base of the Black Rod. The top of the drum is covered in genuine Springbok hide, while the base itself is made of solid yellow wood.

The engraving process of the solid 18 carat gold clasping hands.

Fitting of 18 carat gold strips into a segment of the ebony shaft of the Black Rod.

The national flag, as it appears 3 times on the base of the shaft. The flags are engraved in 999 pure silver and finished in virtreous enamelling.

The firing process of the virtreous enamelling, in order to harden it.

The manufacturing process of the backing plate which depicts the San paintings.

The complete assembled drum base, showing the virteous enamelled emblems of the 9 provinces with the San figures in the background.